Ship Registration & Finance

With over 6,000 ships , Panama’s Ship Registry has positioned itself for most of the last decade as the world’s leading Merchant Marine. Considered by shipowners and financial entities to be a high quality, trustworthy and efficient Registry and several times businessmen have conditioned the sale or financing of a ship to her being registered in the Panamanian Merchant Marine. The solidity of our Registry is coupled with the existence of a global network of Panamanian Merchant Marine Consulates, allowing the registration of a ship in the Panamanian fleet to be a simple and expeditious process. Important transactions can be completed in one day, without requiring the physical presence of the principals in Panama.

VV&GM plays an active role in this efficient global network, not only in the registration of ships, but also in the preparation and drafting of all contracts involved in the sale, operation and management of the ship, as well as the naval mortgage contracts that are the principal warranty used in the financing operation.