Intellectual property Law

In mid 1990s, the Republic of Panama introduced new legislation governing intellectual and industrial property, in accordance with the minimum requirements of the TRIPS Agreement.
Panamanian legislation provides staff penalties for those who break intellectual and industrial property dispositions. Furthermore, Panamanian legislation also allows for enforcement proceedings to be applied at Panama’s borders or within Free Trade Zones in Panama, including the registration of samples so as to avoid the entry of counterfeit items into the country.
From a trademark standpoint, Panama uses the Nice classification for products and services. Furthermore, Panama has approved a number of important international treaties dealing with the protection of intellectual and industrial property, such as the Berne and Paris Convention, and the Pan-Am American Convention for Trademark and Commercial Protection of Washington (1929).
VV&GM provides advice regarding the various matters pertaining intellectual and industrial property, including registration, administrative proceedings and litigation, as well as the application of border and Free Trade Zone enforcement measures
Likewise, VV&GM offers trademark and patent registration services on a world wide basis, with a special emphasis on registration in Latin America and the United States. The aforementioned registrations are done via our wide network of correspondent law firms, regarding which we make efforts to ensure the quality standards of their work.