Corporate Law and Company Formation

Starting and running your own offshore business or offshore project is not easy. You may need advice from a specialist, such as help with legal and taxation issues or managing your finances.
There are many things to consider in choosing the right offshore jurisdiction. For some residents of high taxation countries, the choice of the offshore jurisdiction can be critically important.

Further, there is no general solution for everyone in choosing the offshore jurisdiction. But for many, we want to present some advantages and benefits in choosing Panama as offshore jurisdiction or domicile for your investment or offshore business.

Panama is a free country. It is independent and sovereign state. Those facts make a big difference when your local taxation office begins to investigate the business you are running. Panama has no information exchange agreements with other countries. That means that an official letter from the tax office in your country to any of Panamanian banks or government agencies, will fail to give the result. Panama is a big and strong and stable offshore jurisdiction. When it comes to corporate liabilities, Panamanian corporate laws will stand with you and offer you practical solution and protection. Such protection will not be just promoted protection or advertised protection but it will be real and practical.

What are the corporate advantages of Panama as offshore jurisdiction?